Colleen Smith

Speaker, writer, life coach and advocate for the lost, broken and forgotten..

Leaving behind a life of trauma and shame I am firm in the belief that my life represents God’s work in building beauty from ashes. I believe that my past allows me to relate too and remind others that they are not alone in their journey. The Restoration Experience is a ministry that walks women out of their messy middle and into their own personal restoration.

Birthed out of a dream to see women set free from their pasts and walk wholly into their futures The Restoration House is dedicated to helping women rebuild their lives through mindful living, self care, self awareness, faith based community and education post addiction and trauma.

The Restoration House is committed to breaking cycles and restoring women by meeting them right where they are. We are committed to see that each woman experiences their own Restoration Experience leading them to the Freedom, Grace, Redemption and Victory that is waiting for them.

Every time I hear Colleen’s story, she inspires me to love deeper, invest greater and give more sacrificially. I see a life completely sold out to the Lord and his plan at the risk of her American dream, a life of comfort, and the expectations of this culture.

I’m encouraged in knowing that I’m not alone in this desire and it challenges me in moving ever towards the life to which God has called me.

- Jess P.